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Tummy Tuck Bonus: Fat Grafting

June 11th, 2015

Lipo Fat GraftingFat Grafting has been called a dream come true. Who hasn’t heard someone say they wish that they could suck fat from one area and reposition it someplace else. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery routinely includes liposuction of excess fat in the abdomen. A new technique allows plastic surgeons to gently remove this fat and prepare it to be injected in other areas. Lipo fat grafting is an effective technique to enhance breast shape/size or to use as a natural filler for lip wrinkles and natural facial rejuvenation, replacing the use of artificial dermal fillers in anti-aging injections. Other common areas for carefully harvesting excess fat during liposuction or liposculpture are the thighs, flanks and hips. This procedure is one of the most exciting cosmetic surgery developments that I’ve seen during my more than 30 years in practice.

Photo: Dr. Bashioum preparing for Fat Grafting

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Engaged: Ready for “ring finger selfie”

February 16th, 2015

ring finger selfieJust when you think social media has covered it all, the popularity of the “selfie” is taken to extremes. Perhaps driven by the photoshopped perfect images flooding the Internet now, savvy social media users want the photo record of their life to be perfect, too. Enter cosmetic surgery hand makeovers for the newly engaged to showoff that new ring in a “ring finger selfie.” It used to be that a manicure would be sufficient for engagement ring photos, but now some women are more critical of sharing photos that show imperfections like age spots or wrinkled hands.

While cosmetic plastic surgery is continuing to become more popular in all the traditional categories, such as breast enlargement and facelifts, there has been an expansion in non-traditional areas recently. It is understandable that with every medical advancement, a new market is created and today social media essentially stirs the pot for new cosmetic surgery trends. Autologous fat grafting, is a relatively new technique using your own fat that is injected for plumping up the skin to minimize signs of aging. It is currently being used for a variety of anti-aging procedures. Maybe the added scrutiny of selfies, now make hands and feet also fair game for cosmetic makeovers. While I haven’t specifically seen the request for engagement hand rejuvenation surge here in Minnesota, the stigma for having cosmetic surgery has quietly been removed, become more accepted and is no longer reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. Are you ready for your closeup?

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