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Breast Enlargement 5-Star Rating!

May 10th, 2019

After Breast Enlargement surgeryNew FB 5-Star Review Paige: When coming to talk about some of your biggest insecurities you want fixed, they treat you beyond measures. I felt so comfortable & they reassure you that you don’t look as ugly as you may feel while showing & talking about the procedure. Also love that every visit after following up everyone remembers you by name, even asked about my children visits before and after surgery. They are the best, thank you Bashioum’s team!

Dr. Bashioum’s reply: Paige, thank you for your so very kind comments. I have found that how people feel about their appearance, often influences how they feel overall. We love helping people feel confident and happy, and it is our pleasure to join you on the journey, with your family as well! Yes, we take this stuff seriously and my team and I are delighted that you are pleased with the results of your cosmetic surgery. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, your photo and what looks to be new shoes in the background 🙂

-Dr. Ralph Bashioum and everyone at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery

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Reviewing Post-Op Instructions for Breast Surgery

April 29th, 2019

Ever wonder why following instructions is so important after surgery? Post-Op instructions are easy to follow and patients play a big role in assuring a safe and comfortable recovery after being discharged. We give everyone a packet of detailed instructions following surgery to take home, besides going over important information for after-care with our patient and their chosen caregiver, as shown in this video. Recovery is a patient/surgeon partnership and following recommendations helps to achieve the optimum result. We encourage our patients to call with any questions and I am available to them 24/7 following their surgery.

Thank you Mel for sharing your story with us.

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