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Self-Esteem and Cosmetic Surgery

October 5th, 2021

Beach vacation

After more than 35 years of being in practice as a cosmetic surgeon, I’ve talked with thousands of patients about how they look and feel. Here are my thoughts.

During office consultations, patients sometimes report feelings of diminished self-esteem, often related to their perceptions of their own attractiveness. Office consultations are frequently scheduled when a beach vacation is on the horizon, or a reunion is upcoming and patients want to look and feel their best. Cosmetic surgery is effective in correcting physical problems and when paired with realistic expectations of having surgery, it can be remarkable. When making outward changes, patients often reflect a positive change in their attitude toward their self-image. This new attitude shift is common with both my female and male patients alike. While cosmetic surgery is certainly not the answer in every case of low self-esteem and lack of confidence, I am pleased that many of my patients express feeling better about themselves following surgery. I am gratified to play a role in helping patients achieve a boost in having a sunnier outlook when they look in the mirror. There is no better reward thank seeing a patient’s big smile during their post-op visit!


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Best Time to Have Cosmetic Surgery?

September 21st, 2021

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When is the best time to have Cosmetic Surgery? Sometimes my patients want to know when is the best time for them to have cosmetic surgery. Unless there is a particular concern in scheduling the procedure, the best time to consider having elective cosmetic surgery really depends on how much something  bothers you. I find that life circumstances may often drive the decision to make a change. Major milestones, such as a birthday, divorce or losing a loved one, sometimes contribute to wanting physical renewal. And now a new factor appears to be instrumental because during the pandemic, many people were commuting to the office via Zoom. This unusual situation seems to have influenced patients to make several lifestyle changes and cosmetic surgery nipntucks are apparently among those changes.

Of course, it is unwise to rush into the decision to have elective cosmetic surgery. The decision to have surgery requires thoughtful consideration. It should represent a thorough understanding of the procedure, pre-op preparations, post-op care and restrictions, and 100% confidence in your surgical team.


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