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Restorative Breast Surgery

Post Pregnancy Breast Symptoms & Solutions

After pregnancy, changes to the size, look, and feel of the breast tissue is natural, and to be expected. Breastfeeding and overall weight gain are two of the main reasons why women seek to have their breasts restored after childbirth. Dr. Bashioum provides post-partum patients with the opportunity to restore their breast back to their pre-pregnancy size and shape through enlargement, reduction and lift.

There are many common post-baby body symptoms that female patients wish to have corrected, learn more about how these symptoms can be addressed through restorative cosmetic surgery:

  • Symptom: The nipples are above the crease found underneath the breast, and there has been a loss of fullness above the nipples.
  • Solution: This will be best corrected with breast enhancement surgery, provided you are comfortable with larger breasts. Dr. Bashioum is able to correct this problem with the use of breast implants or a Natural Fat Grafting Method. Natural Fat Grafting uses your own liposuctioned fat, which are then skillfully injected to sculpt and restore breast fullness.
  • Symptom: The nipples are below the crease found underneath the breast, and there has been a loss of fullness below the nipples.
  • Solution: Breast lift surgery may be necessary, however sometimes utilizing fat grafting will provide and adequate restoration. Increasing or decreasing the breast size may be combined with a lift procedure.

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