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Natural Lip Wrinkle Filler

Using Fat Transfer To Naturally Enhance & Rejuvenate Your Lips

Lip wrinkles are a common occurrence as we age, and can occur for a variety of reasons. Too much sun exposure, smoking and/or genetics are common reasons why these unsightly lines begin to appear on our faces. Lip wrinkles, also known as smoker’s lines, are lines that radiate out from the lip margin and can cause lips to look less full and create a more pronounced pursed look. This can be particularly problematic for women who wear makeup, as lipstick will run into these wrinkles and give a more pronounced pursed look.

Interestingly, when lip lines begin to be more apparent, it is often combined with a loss of lip volume or fullness at the same time. These changes contribute to the overall appearance of facial aging.

Innovative & Natural Ways Of Minimizing Lip Wrinkles

Fortunately, there are new options to reduce lip lines, besides the injectable artificial fillers. New advances in regenerative medicine has ushered in revolutionary changes in many anti-aging procedures. Is regenerative fat transfer the Fountain of Youth? Perhaps.

Regenerative medicine offers stunning new advances in natural procedures for facial rejuvenation, including restoration of youthful lips. Dr. Bashioum’s Nipntuck Natural™   lip filler procedure features this new fat graft injection technique, which now allows him to replace facial fat loss.  Simply stated, starting with liposuction, Dr. Bashioum will remove your own fat cells from selected areas, and then they are carefully transferred to another location.  The regenerative properties of these fat cells are particularly effective, since the fat cells become a natural living part of the tissues wherever they are placed. Not only can the lines be corrected, but the lips can be restored to more youthful size and shape, as well.

Natural Fat Transfer With Other Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Good news! This revolutionary technique is not limited to facial rejuvenation. Fat grafting is an outpatient, clinic-based procedure and the quick recovery time is changing many aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery today. It is an ideal solution for patients preferring  more natural choices for the newest options in cosmetic surgery and represents an exciting time in the field of medicine.

Schedule Your Nipntuck™ Natural Lip Enhancement Consultation

To to learn more about how Dr. Bashioum can restore a more youthful look to your lips and face, or naturally enhance your bust line please contact us at our Wayzata, MN office. Our practice has been providing the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area with leading cosmetic surgery care for over 30 years. We are excited to be offering our patients a more natural approach to body enhancement, and would love to explain in more detail how these new procedures may be able to help you.


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