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Heidi Montag-10 Procedures Too Many?

November 26th, 2012

A past issue of    People Magazine  features the photo of Heidi Montag and the headline about having multiple cosmetic surgeries.   The article “reports” on the 10 cosmetic surgery procedures Heidi Montag had.   While most people usually choose not to disclose such information, Heidi appears to have been quite cooperative in the story.   The Huffington Post has published the “staged” before and after photos of Ms. Montag.  The questions remains, why were identically posed before and after photos made available to the press?   A logical explanation has since been reported that the surgical event was nothing more than a publicity stunt orchestrated by the actor and her doctor.   Hollywood thrives on this stuff.  This Us Magazine cover featured her, as well.

 And it has obviously worked!   But a firestorm of criticism and discussion followed the report and Heidi has since voiced regret.   Questions of addiction or obsession with plastic surgery have even surfaced and the media is quick to point to this growing trend in their Hollywood Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame.

My opinion is that this might be about an addiction or obsession, but more specifically, it is more about getting attention.    It is never a good idea to undergo so many surgeries at one time.   Luckily for the 23 year old, Heidi apparently didn’t have complications.   However, she has faded from the limelight.

The likelihood of having something going wrong skyrockets when multiple surgeries are performed.   I choose to be considerably more cautious when it comes to doing multiple procedures.


Botox for Teen before TV Debut

July 21st, 2010

The new star of Glee has had Botox right before she makes her debut appearance – at just 18-years-old.  Teenage singer Charice Pempengco says she wanted to have the procedure “to look fresh on camera” before joining the show as a foreign exchange student.  I hope this not another new pop culture trend.

It is hard to imagine any cosmetic facial problem that an 18 year old would have, which warrants the use of Botox.   Facial animation wrinkles just have not had time to develop.   The fact that she had Thermage is quite disturbing.  Thermage is a non-surgical procedure that tightens skin and smoothes wrinkles.   Superficial skin conditions like irregular pigmentation might also be improved by Thermage, but she was reported to be treated for wrinkles.   Skin tightening effects are not necessary, nor are they indicated for teens.  This is particularly true for Asian women.   In my experience, their skin remains tighter than patients with lighter skin tones.  Thermage cannot narrow the face.  This requires facial sculpting.   Liposuction or buccal fat pad excision remove facial fat to narrow the cheeks and certainly not recommended for teenagers.

The entire situation is absurd!  It sounds like another Hollywood publicity stunt or medical grandstanding to me.

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