A Mother’s Perspective on Cosmetic Surgery for Teens

Mikaela first expressed an interest in having breast augmentation during her junior year in high school.   It was always a struggle to find swimming suits and dresses for events such as Prom, because she never quite filled out the bust line very well.   She would spend hours trying things on to find something that she felt looked okay.   I realize that some of this was just her age, but most of her concerns were legitimate.

At her request, I actually asked Dr Bashioum about breast augmentation for her.   He recommended that she wait until she was 18 years of age and perhaps even until after the completion of high school.   Needless to say, Mikaela was disappointed.   I was relieved that it would give her time to really consider whether or not this was something that she wanted to pursue.   We discussed the surgery at great length and the fact that this is a decision that will affect her future in many ways.   There are distinct advantages to being a nurse and it proved to be very helpful having the firsthand knowledge of many kinds of surgery.   I knew that implants do not last forever and her implants will, at some point in the future, have to be replaced.   Would she be financially and emotionally mature enough to handle that?

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