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Patient Inspired our “Flat Screen” Radio Ad

January 17th, 2019

Flat Screen. TV

My name is Melissa. I’m in my 30 years of living, I’ve never had any sort of surgery. I delivered all of my 3 children naturally and nursed all of them for a full year. I would say I took pretty good care of myself while pregnant. I exercised. I ate decently. But there was still a little side of my body that never reverted back to my pre-mommy days. My husband and I decided quite quickly after we had our third child, with a count of 1 girl and 2 boys, all under the age of 5, that we were DONE! The chapter of baby-making was closing and the “Restoring of me” chapter was beginning. In fact, the wind was blowing the pages open.

I never ever second-guessed my decision to nurse my children. I went 14 months with my first-born, 8 months with my middle child and a full year with my last born. I even used a breast pump as well, to keep the supply and demand up. And now 5 years later, I look in the mirror and look for the missing boobs I once had. I long for those days when I was nursing, because my breasts were at their prettiest. I had cleavage… I had shape… I had my husband’s eyes locked on me… Now fast forward 5 years and I’ve got nothing, yet!

At the time I came to terms with pursuing breast augmentation, my husband, as well, was pursuing a new 52″ flat screen TV, with a 5 speaker surround sound system. “Wow honey, isn’t the television we currently have just 5 years old?” Of course it was! “And so we’re getting all new everything because why?” I asked. Oh, because he wanted to. And then that is when it became clear to me. I, too, can have something I want and it certainly wasn’t going to be anything flat! Listen to the radio ad here.

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New Before/After Breast Enlargement Photos

July 27th, 2016

Dr. Bashioum in surgery, Wayzata, MN

305,856 breast enlargement surgeries were performed last year, again landing in the Top 5 requested cosmetic surgery procedures. According to a recent study reported by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), breast enlargement patients rate their personal satisfaction at 96.8%. That result mirrors my own impression from my patients. Before and After Photos have just been updated on our website. We have lots of happy patients, have a look here.

Many of the women that we see at consultations for breast surgery complain that they are not happy with their breast size or shape. In addition, women that experience breast changes following one or more pregnancies often report that there is reduced fullness on the top of their breasts above the nipple, including a general reduction in breast size. The decreased fullness may be interpreted as sagging or a loss of perkiness. The most common concern that I hear is the complaint of overall diminished breast size after pregnancy or following weight loss. In most of these cases, augmentation mammoplasty or breast enlargement surgery is the primary procedure that is used to addresses these changes. See our patient’s story of surgery, recovery and our interview on an episode of Twin Cities Live, click here to watch video.



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