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Dr. Bashioum’s Award-winning TV Commercials

June 5th, 2013


View Dr. Bashioum’s quirky commercials.

Click above to watch our unique television commercials that were nominated for advertising’s highest award, the Clio. They are a modern and somewhat outrageous twist on the work of Art Masters,  titled “Picasso” and “Rubens.” If you watch, you’ll soon see why.  

Creating an ad campaign was a fascinating process and we had an amazing creative team at Pixel Farm to work with.  It was great fun to see an idea transform into a pair of really unusual and quirky short films.  They caused quite a stir at the time of their debut in Minneapolis, with our local news coverage making it into USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.  


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Vampire Facial Media Hype

March 13th, 2013

 â€œVampire Facial”   or blood facial is just another attempt for media hype behind clever marketing of an anti-aging quick fix.   The phony procedure is based on real stem cell rejuvenation, but it is likely that all the blood is staged to create media buzz for the Kardashians.   Unfortunately this strategy has proven to be successful to keep celebrities in the news and money in their pockets.   It is certainly ill-advised for a pregnant woman to have such a procedure because of possible health risks, so I question the wisdom of such a stunt.

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