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Jessie’s Blog: Splint Removal

January 29th, 2010

Well today the bandage came off and I am so happy.   I’m not sure if you could tell, but I did get a little nervous while the splint and bandage were getting removed, although it didn’t really hurt.   I was just very concerned about my nose maybe being so fragile, as it had been protected under the splint for a week.     The actual removal of the bandage was a very special moment for me.

Once the bandage was removed, I was overjoyed with the results of my new nose.     My nose looks great, it is defined and natural.     I was so excited to see the new nose that I actually cried in the excitement, which was omitted from the clip.   Dr. Bashioum and the filmmaker were so excited to see my satisfaction; you can tell they really care.

Once I returned home from the removal of my bandage, I immediately took a shower and gently washed my face, as I was instructed.     Showering was very easy, but I did use a washcloth over my nose, as I water pressure was a little bit stronger than I felt comfortable on my new nose.   I also used face wash and cotton ball to gently remove the surgical marker and tape residue.

I have even visited with a few friends this evening and their feedback is phenomenal.     Everyone thinks my nose looks great and they are overjoyed to see the happiness it has brought to me.

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Jessie’s Blog: Goodbye ugly nose!

January 7th, 2010

I am hoping that after my surgery, I will have a decrease in the overall size of my nose.   I also want my tip to point upwards, not down as it currently does and of course, to have a straight nose in my profile.  I believe that having this surgery will make me a more confident person and will motivate me to be a healthier person.   What I mean by “healthier” is having a better outlook, being more active and just more beautiful all around.   I want to take the extra time for me, spend more time getting ready for the day, walk my dog all over the Twin Cities and be more active at the gym.   I know feeling better about my nose will motivate me to make the rest of me better, too.    It will allow me to be more confidence out in public.   I think being more active socially and physically will improve my life.

I have thought a lot about the recovery and I do not think it will be a problem for me.   I do not have any children and I have been able to take time away from work to recover.   I am also lucky to have family close by and they have volunteered to take my dog for a few days while I recover.   I am expecting that I will be somewhat sore for several days after the surgery and expect the obvious swelling and bruising.  I think the minor pain from the surgery will be less than the anguish I feel now from the facial appearance I currently have.

I’m almost ready for my surgery, so please check back to watch my interview before surgery and see video clips of my upcoming procedure.



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