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Lisa’s Blog: 1st Night of Recovery

March 8th, 2010

My surgery is over and I’m happy to be home and on the road to recovery, although I look miserable in this photo!

The first night of surgery went pretty well. I took my pain medication and stayed on top of that. I do have to say; I was counting down the hours till morning to take out the drains. What a relief to get them out. It’s not that the drains caused pain, but they were just uncomfortable.   I awoke to a sore throat.   I believe it was from mouth breathing throughout the night and from having the breathing tube down my throat during surgery.   Tylenol gave me relief from the sore throat and drinking a lot of water helped, too.

Check back next time to follow my recovery.

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Lisa’s Blog: I’m a little nervous!

February 26th, 2010

Here are some of my thoughts on my upcoming Rhinoplasty surgery.  As I mentioned already, after considering surgery on my nose for the past  10 years, I am really excited that the time is drawing nearer!

I’ve been busy preparing for surgery over the past  month or so.  I was instructed to see my internal medicine doctor 2 weeks before    the procedure.

I needed to make sure I was healthy and up-to-date on all my blood work.   I felt really good after my appointment, having the support of my doctor to have the surgery.

Please check back to follow my story and see film clips of my surgery. Read the rest of this entry »

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