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Turkey Waddle or Saggy Neck?

November 22nd, 2012

Photo: Courtesy of North Carolina State University, Cooperative Ext.

Neck aging usually occurs right along with other changes to the face.   As the laugh lines get longer and the jowls begin to hang, the laxity of aging neck skin causes it to begin to sag. This laxity is commonly referred to as turkey neck or turkey waddle. It requires a type of skin tightening procedure to get rid of the extra sagging skin.

Simple liposuction is not enough when significant loose skin is apparent. I generally recommend a facelift to correct the neck for two reasons. The primary indicators of aging are reflected in jowls and prominent laugh lines. They most often appear as part of a less youthful facial appearance and are easily corrected with a facelift.   Secondly, the most effective skin tightening is best accomplished by rotating the skin up toward the ears, in combination with facelift procedures to address jowls. There is no need to keep a turkey neck unless, of course, it is Thanksgiving!

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Cosmetic Surgery for Career Boost

April 2nd, 2012

I have written about this new trend before and it is troubling when a patient has this single expectation of why they want cosmetic surgery.  For the same reason that I try to screen patients for unrealistic expectations, understanding motivation for undergoing cosmetic surgery may be complicated.   In an age where youth is sometimes prized over experience and looking young equates to vitality, I can understand why patients often turn to cosmetic surgery to maintain a competitive edge.

According to employment expert Prof Chris Warhurst, “employers now place a higher value on physical appearance and presentation.”  However, the way you present yourself, how stylish you dress, your confidence and level of physical fitness are all important factors when being sized up in today’s job market.   If some anti-aging Nipntucks are part of this package, I feel it is appropriate.   Last year 13.8 million  cosmetic surgery procedures were performed, but when cosmetic surgery is the primary goal to secure a job, get a husband or used to seek attention, extreme caution should be exercised.

Image “Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?”  From the Disney film, “Snow White.”

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