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Mommy Makeover vs Granny Makeover

January 4th, 2024

When to Consider a Facelift

Generally, the mommy makeover is requested after unwanted changes in the body are due to pregnancy, commonly the breasts and tummy. However, the granny makeover request, actually a misnomer, is simply due to unwanted changes caused by aging. Patients may vary widely, both in age and problem areas seeking attention. So, let’s discuss problem areas most mentioned for this type of rejuvenation makeover. Of course, the face is frequently the first area for concern, including a facelift, to correct sagging jowls, or upper eyelids to correct sagging lids. Body concerns include saggy belly, legs and arms, when diet and exercise is not enough. Although not usually regarded as a granny makeover, cosmetic surgery at any age is well-accepted now, without stigma or judgement. Elective cosmetic surgery is often met with a boost in self-esteem, confidence and well- being. Age is just a number!

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Summer wedding- time for a facelift?

May 12th, 2010

My daughter’s wedding is this July, when should I have a facelift to look my best?

Now!   Modern facelift techniques have a relatively short recovery period.  Most patients are out and about in six to seven days after surgery.   However, the initial swelling and healing period following the surgery lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks.     So by having the surgery in May, you should look great in time for the wedding in July.

It is important to remember a couple things.   First of all, as mother of the bride, there is often significant stress involved in helping to plan a family wedding.   Complications can and do occur and these problems following surgery might prolong the initial healing period.   Perhaps an added level of anxiety might persist with an undue focus on the need to heal too quickly.   This might contribute to added stress in this particular situation, if recovery has not been completed in time for the wedding.   Adequate preparation time for surgery and recovery helps to alleviate any last minute uneasiness.

Secondly, it is your responsibility to follow before and after instructions carefully for facelift surgery.   A smooth recovery often rests on patients following doctor’s orders following surgery.   The detailed instructions that I give to my patients are designed to reduce the risks of complications and offer the best insurance for a speedy recovery.   Finally, completing facelift surgery at least 6 to 8 weeks before any big event, such as a wedding, will enable you to look and feel your best.   Allowing plenty of time for recovery assures a natural and rejuvenated look for the wedding.   My guess is that you are going to look great in all the family photographs!

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