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Afraid You’ll be a Mummy During Facelift Recovery?

July 25th, 2022

Nipntuck cartoon mummy

Afraid that you’ll look like a mummy during facelift surgery recovery? Well, fear not because new advancements for Facelifts and Facial Rejuvenation surgery offer patients a choice for minimum downtime now.

Watch our doctor/wife facelift surgery segment that aired on Twin Cities Live awhile ago. Viewers were privy to a sneak peek into the  operating room as Lindsay is prepped for surgery. She talks candidly with Elizabeth Ries about the recovery process of having a facelift and why she chose to have surgery. Looking back, it was an enlightening experience for me to see the patient side of things and I appreciate her willingness to share our story.

Click here to watch. Check out this video from Twin Cities Live segment on facelift surgery and see the amazing reveal for yourself after her recovery.

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Facelift: What’s in a Name?

March 15th, 2011

What’s in a name?   I find it interesting that new terms used for cosmetic surgery procedures may often gloss over the seriousness of the surgery.   The current euphemisms being used for a facelift are prime examples.    As a result of this new terminology, I find patients do not want to hear that they need a facelift to correct their jowls or turkey neck.   They prefer to hear  words  like facial rejuvenation, mini-lift, lower facelift, lunch-time lift, short incision facelift, short recovery facelift or better still (my favorite) the non-surgical facelift!   A market driven economy has helped to put a happy face on anti-aging procedures, by trivializing this surgery to increase profits.

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,  there were about 95,000 performed last year.  Regardless of the trendy name, surgery is serious business.   There is an element  of swelling and bruising after facelift surgery, as with most facial procedures.   It is difficult to cover or hide during the initial recovery period.   For this reason, many patients choose not to be seen while they are recovering from a facelift.   In a culture where youthful beauty is celebrated, few of us want to submit eagerly to the effects of aging.   Surprisingly some patients are not self-conscience in the least and continue with all their social engagements.

Facelifts are also combined with many other facial procedures (nose surgery, eyelid surgery, facial implants, chemical and laser peels, and forehead lifts).   When procedures are added to a facelift, it increases the amount and duration of swelling following surgery.   Combining surgeries also increases risk factors.   Because of the additional safety concerns, I strongly discourage patients from combining surgeries in my own practice.


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