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Turkey Waddle or Saggy Neck?

November 16th, 2021

Saggy jowls

Neck sagging usually occurs right along with other changes to the face as we age. Laugh lines get more prominent and the jowls begin to sag, as the laxity of an aging neck skin causes it to look what is commonly referred to as turkey neck or turkey waddle. This usually requires a type of skin tightening procedure to get rid of the extra sagging skin.

Simple liposuction is not enough when loose skin is present. Sometimes saggy jowls may be disguised by a temporary procedure by injecting liposuctioned fat or medical fillers along the jaw line to plump up the area. Our NipntuckLite Medspa is ideal in correcting minor sagging for results without surgery. However, this measure is usually not enough when significant loose skin is apparent. For a more permanent solution, I usually recommend a facelift, which may easily address turkey waddle, in addition to resulting in a more youthful facial appearance overall. Fortunately, recent advances in techniques for facelift surgery have made relatively short recovery times possible now. Most of my patients can be out and about, looking great in about 5-6 days after the surgery. So, there is no need to keep a turkey neck unless, of course, it is Thanksgiving!

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Details to Tell Your Stylist After Facial Cosmetic Surgery

August 23rd, 2021

Important details to tell Stylist


While we want you to look and feel more confident without looking like you have changed your identity, our objectives include offering you the most natural results and 3 important tools for a safe recovery. When you are visiting your salon (aesthetician, hair guru or makeup artist) for the first time after having facial cosmetic surgery, please consider sharing this important information with them to ensure your safety.          

1. Tell them how you feel. Healing takes time and each person is different in the way they heal and the time it in which it takes. Although you may feel well enough to go back to most activities of daily living just a few days after surgery, your body is still healing and there may be areas of your face and scalp that are still sensitive or numb to the touch. Share this information and safety recovery tips with your stylist so that they may take necessary precautions to keep you safe and comfortable during your first salon appointment.

2. Show them your incisions. Incisions are necessary for surgery, but we carefully place the resulting scars in areas of your body where they will be hidden by natural skin creases, hairstyle and/or light make-up. The average scar takes about six weeks to heal. Share this information with your stylist to help protect healing skin from procedures or products that may be harmful during the recovery process.

3. Tell them about changes in sensation. Temporary changes in sensation are common after surgery. These changes may take up to six months to return to normal. During recovery you may experience numbness and/or tingling in your face and scalp and be unable able to judge whether something is too hot or too cold. If you experience these sensations following facial surgery, please inform your stylist, to help them protect you from unsafe styling routines and products.


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