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Dr. Bashioum’s Patient Likes Her Result

May 9th, 2012

Jackie writes:

My new bffs (my breasts) turned 1 yr old in Jan! I have to say it was THE BEST experience, not only do they look natural but they are the breasts I have always dreamed I would have. My fiance who  was originally against plastic surgery, now one could say that he has turned into a bit of a connoisseur. I cannot say enough about the surgery room staff–the nurse was calm and nuturing upon my awakening. I would also like to thank the anesthesiologist, not sure his name, who gentlely rubbed my arm to calm me as I fell into my beauty slumber. Since my experience I have shared my little secret ,whom we like to call Dr. B, with 4 of my other girlfriends who are equally as thrilled. This month to celebrate my own birthday I recieved botox. In usual fashion Dr.Bashioum and Sandy told me I didn’t need it but they were also kind in reccomending a natural amount to diminish my first “line.”

The procedure was quick with minimal discomfort and I can now say my forehead is smooth and flaweless. I know at some point I will embrace those wrinkles and lines but for now I like to look like I have defied the years:)  I will be Dr. B’s patient for as long as he is practicing and will continue to share my splendid experience with others. If anyone wants botox, he is a delight! Dr. Bashioum is not some cheesy money hungry doc– he is an honest, sincere and genuine man. After searching around for the best– that is certainly what I found in him!

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Over-weight Patients and Cosmetic Surgery

December 12th, 2011

Can I have cosmetic surgery if I’m over-weight?

I advise my patients to be within a few pounds of their ideal weight before having elective cosmetic surgery.  According to new research conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine,  over-weight patients are nearly 12 times more likely to suffer a complication following elective plastic surgery than their normal-weight counterparts.

Americans are getting fat.   34% of adults in the United States are now estimated to be obese (those with a body mass index above 30), up from just 15 percent a decade ago.  Meanwhile, the number of people nationwide having elective plastic surgery has also increased in recent years – with annual plastic surgery volume up considerably during the last decade.   Physicians ought to keep a watchful eye on the scale when it comes to evaluating patients for elective surgery.

Next time: Patient Selection for Cosmetic Surgery

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