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Facelift Season?

February 7th, 2011

You wouldn’t suppose that there might be seasonality to cosmetic surgery, but over the past few years, I have noticed a pattern in my practice.   In mid-January facelift consultations seem to spike.   The Holidays are over, popular social events like summer weddings and reunions are more than several months away.   The end of January and February seems to be the choice time for patients to explore having facial rejuvenation surgery.  About 95,000 facelifts are performed each year.  In Minneapolis, winter is a great time to recuperate without attracting too many questions and re-emerge to look rested and refreshed like returning from a relaxing vacation.   Unlike the contestants of the reality show Bridalplasty  savvy patients that opt for anti-aging procedures want to plan ahead to look their best, especially for important events.    It is my recommendation that scheduling surgery well in advance of an important social occasion is optimal for a safe and stress-free recovery.

Next time: Is there a season for liposuction?


Bridalplasty: Timing is Everything

January 6th, 2011

Whether a Bride or Mother-of the-Bride, my advice is the same.  I do not recommend having surgery right before an important event. Recovery from surgery takes time and the added stress of a big social event around the corner is unnecessary and unwise.  I also strongly discourage patients from considering more than one procedure at a time.  Having multiple surgeries carries the risk of added complications, which I discussed in my summer post about Heidi Montag’s 10 procedures.  Reality shows often glamorize extreme cosmetic surgery being performed in unnatural circumstances and I believe network ratings and notoriety  may  take a backseat to patient safety.  In a recent CBS interview, the E! presenters attempt to justify Bridalplasty and defend the charge of exploitation of the brides.  No doubt, ratings rather than sound medical advice will decide if the show continues.

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