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Nipntuck Natural Fatjuvenation

November 28th, 2011

Nipntuck Naturalâ„¢ facial rejuvenation uses your own fat instead of temporary manmade fillers such as Restylane ®, Juvederm ®, or Radiesse ®.  Your body absorbs these manufactured fillers over time, losing their effectiveness.   The temporary fillers need to be replenished every six to twelve months in order to maintain the desired result.  They also run the risk of subcutaneous scarring as a result of biofilm-type infections.

As your face ages, fat is lost from the face and the skin begins to sag, creating that tired and aged look.   Loss of this supple layer results in a reduction of cheek prominence, accentuated bags beneath the eyes, and wrinkles.   Your own fat offers the potential permanent filler for correcting these facial changes.   Nipntuck Naturalâ„¢ rejuvenation gently harvests fat for this procedure.   It is then transferred as a living graft, by customized injections to sculpt a more youthful face.   This new technique allows for a permanent natural correction to be achieved.   The overlying skin slowly takes on a more youthful appearance, as the transferred properties in the fat are incorporated into the surrounding tissues.   This innovative technology is making natural anti-aging facial rejuvenation an attractive new choice for my patients.

Are you ready for Nipntuck Naturalâ„¢ fatjuvenation?

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Rise in Nipntucks for the 65+ Set

November 1st, 2011

According to Robert Johnson of The Wall Street Journal for Fox News, the 65 and over crowd is signing up for cosmetic surgery in record numbers.   Perhaps the pop culture saying that 60 is the new 50 is fueling this new uptick.  The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery  reports that elective cosmetic procedures among patients age 65 and older, for both surgical and nonsurgical nipntucks, has risen 29 percent in the past five years, to almost 700,000.

While seniors are living healthier and more active lives, cosmetic surgery is usually safe.   However, the risk of general anesthesia is slightly higher for older patients.   I require that my patients have a thorough physical from their personal physician, approving them for surgery.   It is also my practice to limit the scope of surgery to one procedure at a time.   I find that my older patients have fewer complications, heal faster and are up and around more quickly without combining multiple surgeries.   As a general rule, this is my recommendation for most of my patients.   Reality shows have popularized “extreme makeovers” making dramatic television to grab ratings, but multiple surgeries represent a greater risk for complications.

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