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Heidi Montag-10 Procedures Too Many?

November 26th, 2012

A past issue of    People Magazine  features the photo of Heidi Montag and the headline about having multiple cosmetic surgeries.   The article “reports” on the 10 cosmetic surgery procedures Heidi Montag had.   While most people usually choose not to disclose such information, Heidi appears to have been quite cooperative in the story.   The Huffington Post has published the “staged” before and after photos of Ms. Montag.  The questions remains, why were identically posed before and after photos made available to the press?   A logical explanation has since been reported that the surgical event was nothing more than a publicity stunt orchestrated by the actor and her doctor.   Hollywood thrives on this stuff.  This Us Magazine cover featured her, as well.

 And it has obviously worked!   But a firestorm of criticism and discussion followed the report and Heidi has since voiced regret.   Questions of addiction or obsession with plastic surgery have even surfaced and the media is quick to point to this growing trend in their Hollywood Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame.

My opinion is that this might be about an addiction or obsession, but more specifically, it is more about getting attention.    It is never a good idea to undergo so many surgeries at one time.   Luckily for the 23 year old, Heidi apparently didn’t have complications.   However, she has faded from the limelight.

The likelihood of having something going wrong skyrockets when multiple surgeries are performed.   I choose to be considerably more cautious when it comes to doing multiple procedures.


Is Teenage Breast Enlargement Appropriate

November 7th, 2012

Breast implants are approved for use in America by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).     In fact, all medical implants are regulated by the FDA.  However, FDA approval comes with “use limitations” or guidelines for appropriate usage.  The trend toward younger and younger patients considering cosmetic surgery is troubling.  Unfortunately good judgement is sometimes lacking when teens consider having breast enlargement surgery.

The key limitation which impacts any young woman under the age of 18 and the decision to have breast enlargement surgery are the FDA age restrictions.   Saline breast implants can be used for cosmetic breast enlargement surgery at age 18.   Silicone gel breast implants on the other hand, can only be used for cosmetic breast enlargement surgery at the age of 22.   These age restrictions are in place based on the FDA’s evaluation of each implant type.   According to the FDA, “FDA restricts the marketing of breast implants for augmentation to women of a minimum age because young women’s breasts continue to develop through their late teens and early 20s and because there is a concern that young women may not be mature enough to make an informed decision about the potential risks.”   Johnson & Johnson (formerly Mentor) and Allergan (formerly Inamed) package inserts reflect the age limitations in their package inserts.   In addition, both the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)  back the FDA’s age restrictions.

I believe that the age restriction is based on sound recommendations and as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the societies above, I follow these guidelines.

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