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Too Much of a Good Thing – Making Money

September 29th, 2009

Joan Rivers has had a lot of cosmetic surgery by her own admission.   In her book,  Men Are Stupid…And They Like Big Boobs, she presents her opinions, impressions and attitudes regarding cosmetic surgery and what it has done for her.   Clearly she believes in having cosmetic surgery and considers it to be an  important option available for women today.

Some say she has had too much done.   Certainly, in my opinion, her appearance does not look natural.   If this is the definition of having too much done, then I would have to agree.   Yet there are many women and men which have had  as many  facelifts, eyelid surgeries, injections, and facial implants as Joan Rivers which look completely natural and refreshed.  People have different opinions in judging an attractive aesthetic, which often varies regionally or culturally.  What people want to look like in Los Angeles, may not be the ideal benchmark in New York or Paris.

I believe the reason for Joan River’s love of plastic surgery is not as pathologic as perhaps Michael Jackson.  I suggest that the reason for her obsession might be related to her income.   Her ability to work as a personality is perhaps shored up by her extensive cosmetic surgery.   First her physical appearance of not looking age 75 or of having a peculiar cosmetic processed facial appearance creates Hollywood buzz.   Secondly, her confidence in presenting herself may be stronger because she feels that she looks her best after all this cosmetic surgery.   This phenomenon  is actually more closely related to Lizardman,  who has pushed the limits of physical appearance through body modification.  Surgery serves as a vehicle for attention.  He  has had  so much done to himself that he now makes personal appearances for a fee.   It has become his job.   Pure and simple, it is my theory that these individuals have done this for fame and fortune.  Controversy sells!

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