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Train Derails Outside my Office

June 30th, 2010

A coal train passing through Wayzata, derailed this morning across from my office.  There are no reports of any injuries, but there is quite a mess of jumbled trains and snarled traffic in town this afternoon.

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Peggy’s Blog: Facelift Recovery Conclusion

June 30th, 2010

I decided to share my experience on the blog because I think anyone considering a facelift  can benefit from the experience of others who have had the procedure.   Maybe the most important word to remember throughout your recovery process is “patience.”  A facelift is not a quick fix, but major surgery and it takes time to lose the swelling, fluid build-up and it takes awhile for everything to get back to normal.  I can’t wait to really see my own final result.

I also suggest that you shouldn’t go into it thinking it will make you look like a movie star when it is done.

Having realistic expectations is a topic that Dr. Bashioum discusses during an office consultation.   I feel comfortable with the way I look now.   My son was actually concerned I would look like some of the older women on TV that have had excessive cosmetic surgery, but he had no need to worry because that is not what I was seeking.   A quick look through Dr. Bashioum’s Before/After photos shows his more natural approach for facelifts and my result is predictably in line with them.

In closing, I am pleased with my facelift results.   Life is short, so I hope to live the rest of mine looking good!

Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with me.



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