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Dr. Bashioum Hosts Garden Guests: Almost Time to Plant Again

April 4th, 2024

Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine

Fondly remembering summer and it’s almost time to plant again! I had special guests visit my garden, Sushi Chef extraordinaire Billy Tserenbat from Billy Sushi and Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine food blogger Stephanie March. Of course it was an occasion that called for a glass of wine while we toured the unusual fruits and vegetables that I’m growing. I find great pleasure in sharing my harvest with family, friends and neighbors and it’s a kick to have things that aren’t available locally. Everything in the garden is edible and provides some interesting flavors for cooking. Besides the hand-grafted espalier  apple trees that you see in the background of the photo, I have French white woodland/alpine strawberries called fraise des bois, Japanese Shiso and Shishito peppers, Peruvian citrus peppers and other weird stuff. Gardening is a great hobby and I find it relaxing to walk home and work outside after doing surgery. Although Lindsay rather characterizes it as “farming” rather than gardening now, due to my yearly expansion! No wonder it is ranked as the #1 hobby in America.

To read Stephanie’s Blog  the “Foodie File” at Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.


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Lake Minnetonka Ice Melting: Beware

January 29th, 2024


As a reminder, the Minnesota DNR does not measure ice thickness on Minnesota lakes. Your safety is your responsibility. It is especially important now after our unseasonably warm temps! Be careful of thinning ice!

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