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Jessie’s Blog: Splint Removal

January 29th, 2010

Well today the bandage came off and I am so happy.   I’m not sure if you could tell, but I did get a little nervous while the splint and bandage were getting removed, although it didn’t really hurt.   I was just very concerned about my nose maybe being so fragile, as it had been protected under the splint for a week.     The actual removal of the bandage was a very special moment for me.

Once the bandage was removed, I was overjoyed with the results of my new nose.     My nose looks great, it is defined and natural.     I was so excited to see the new nose that I actually cried in the excitement, which was omitted from the clip.   Dr. Bashioum and the filmmaker were so excited to see my satisfaction; you can tell they really care.

Once I returned home from the removal of my bandage, I immediately took a shower and gently washed my face, as I was instructed.     Showering was very easy, but I did use a washcloth over my nose, as I water pressure was a little bit stronger than I felt comfortable on my new nose.   I also used face wash and cotton ball to gently remove the surgical marker and tape residue.

I have even visited with a few friends this evening and their feedback is phenomenal.     Everyone thinks my nose looks great and they are overjoyed to see the happiness it has brought to me.

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