Melissa’s Blog: I Love Getting Dressed Now

I am quite pleased with how I look now, if I might say so myself!  And I’m beginning to think my friends are, too.  Initially, I felt a little apprehension coming from a handful of women.  Some were a bit judgmental about surgery, which I could understand.  Some were also a bit taken back as to why I would want to compromise my body.  As I explained, after bearing three children and breast feeding them all, I no longer had shape, nor much breast tissue left.  I know that I am not alone in this predicament following pregnancy.  It became hard for me to shop for bras and even harder for me to shop for tops.  There is just so much I can handle buying XXS small tops, before feeling like a pre-teen girl again.

Well, I concluded this rather awkward discussion, once it became apparent that we each had our own personal viewpoints by offering, “I’m sharing my story on this blog for everyone to read.”  I jotted down on a piece of paper for them to check out.  “My intentions are to help educate women about breast augmentations.  I want to show and tell others that there is another side to why women get breast enhancements, other than to look and feel like cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas.”  So now after my surgery, I’m finding out that what some women deem as an appropriate breast size varies greatly.

Please check back tomorrow to read the conclusion of my journey.


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