Melissa’s Blog: 11 Days and Counting!

It’s getting closer and I couldn’t be happier.  With only 11 days until my surgery, I’m gladly watching each day go by, but I’m also very busy preparing for my before and after patient responsibilities.  Dr. Bashioum has provided me with an extensive packet of information that covers preparations for surgery, as well as after-care instruction.  He does this in an effort to assure the very best surgical results.

One of my responsibilities at hand is to schedule a pre-operative physical evaluation. Because Dr. Bashioum’s goal is to provide me with exceptional medical care and in doing so, he insists on having the medical evaluation and report completed by my primary care physician within the two weeks prior to my scheduled surgery.  He told me that in his practice, he limits elective cosmetic surgery to healthy patients.  So, some of the items that are included in this evaluation are to check my medical history, review and compile a list of any allergies, medications and past surgeries.  I can also expect a complete physical exam, a check of vital signs like heart and lungs, etc.  Barring any unforeseen health problems, I’m on deck for surgery in less than two weeks.

My coming blog entries will include video clips that will be filmed on the night before the big day , during surgery and my very first reflections in the recovery room after my surgery.  You’ll have a unique opportunity to follow my progress to the conclusion of my journey!


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