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Look Good, Feel Good

March 24th, 2014

While on a walk in Wayzata late last summer, we spotted this saying on a store display window. Perhaps 60% might be an exaggerated figure, but many of my patients express a similar sentiment. Lives are busy and sometimes attention to ourselves takes the backseat to other obligations, not limited to being a mom. I often see an uptick of consultations during the spring. Common complaints include localized weight gain and facial aging. With the advances in regenerative medicine today, these 2 concerns can be addressed together now with fat grafting. The fat grafting injection procedure uses autologous (your own) liposuctioned fat, that is prepared to artfully sculpt a fresher looking face. Traditionally lipo fat was medically discarded. Regenerative medicine includes many exciting breakthroughs in cosmetic medicine, including natural facial rejuvenation,  implant-free breast enlargement, breast reconstruction, treating breast asymmetry and natural lip plumping. Studies have shown that the familiar saying, “Look Good, Feel Good” has some validity. Are you ready for a little beauty boost?

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