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Sometimes Bald is Not Cool

July 30th, 2012

Bald is not cool for Wes Welker.  According to ESPN, the 31-year-old New England Patriots wide receiver has revealed that he had hair transplant surgery in early July after noticing his hair was starting to thin.

Welker is about to become the new face of hair transplant surgery. Apparently so pleased with the results, he has agreed to star in a media campaign with Dr. Robert Leonard of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.  

Hair transplant surgery techniques have improved and matured over the past 10 years.  They most often produce a natural appearance if done properly.  I refer my patients that are considering this procedure to someone that specializes in hair transplantation to achieve the best results.


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More Men Opting for Nipntucks

April 17th, 2012

Last weekend the Los Angeles Times had a 2-page cover story about cosmetic surgery in their Image section.  Topics ranged from couples getting surgery to examples of Hollywood’s roster of bad results.   Topping Hollywood’s   most well-known controversial nipntucks are Heidi Montag, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Jenner.

I happen to agree with the LA Times, these celebrities have had results that are outside the norm of typical results.  Since I have spent more time in Los Angeles in the past 10 years, I find that severe aesthetics seem to be acceptable and perhaps even expected.   However, it is most likely contrary to the expectations of most patients outside of the “Hollywood bubble.”

Reporter Susan Carpenter points out that more men are having cosmetic surgery.   I do agree with her, according to  The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there was almost a 10% jump in men having elective cosmetic procedures.   I have seen a gradual increase in men embracing the notion of undergoing nipntucks themselves.   Stats include 23,000 men having eyelid surgeries to shave a few years off of a tired appearance and almost double that number, 41,000 were liposuctioned to create a more fit appearance last year.  Once almost exclusively reserved for women, men are no longer shy about considering cosmetic surgery for themselves, buying into the adage “Look good, feel good.”

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