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Smoking and Wrinkles

March 9th, 2021

Smoking and Wrinkles

Want to avoid the unnecessary gamble of getting facial wrinkles? Smoking is one of the major factors increasing your chance of premature skin aging. While there are many other health reasons not to smoke or to stop a current smoking habit, many of my patients are surprised to learn that smoking has an effect on the luminosity or brightness and youthful appearance of their skin. In our detailed instructions for preparation for their surgery, I ask patients to stop smoking prior to their surgery. Nicotine hinders the healing process and I want my patients to have a safe and healthy recovery following surgery. I find that this temporary stop may often give people the jump start to kick the habit for good. It’s never too late to quit smoking!

Next time: Another unnecessary gamble contributing to premature aging.

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Ultra Recycle Hack: Natural Breast Enlargement

January 26th, 2021

Lipo Fat Grafting

Ultra Recycle Hack: Natural Breast Enlargement.

Patients now have another choice when it comes to breast enlargement, with NipntuckNatural™ they can recycle their own FAT. Liposuctioned fat is used in a procedure called Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer. The technique has proven to be effective because the fat cells become a natural living part of the tissues where it is placed. Areas where fat can be harvested, depends on the patient, but common areas includes tummy, buttocks and hips. The liposuctioned fat is carefully used to sculpt fuller breasts naturally without using for implants, and it can also be used to correct a hollow cavity following a lumpectomy.

Fat Grafting is an outpatient, clinic-based procedure and the quick recovery is changing many aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery. This technique is not only limited to cosmetic breast surgery, because there are many anti-aging applications that are available now. More information may be found here for NipntuckNatural™

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