Patient Comment: Breast Surgery

Alicia writes:

I wanted to get my breasts done ever since I was 16.  After a long year of doing research, I decided to wait till after I was done having children.   That time came, and I started asking around for who might be the best surgeon to do it.  I am glad that I went to see Dr. Bashioum.   He and his staff forever changed my life!!!!!

From the free consultation, to the day of the surgery, the staff was AMAZING! They answered my questions, took the time to listen, and treated me with warmth and kindness.

On the day of the surgery I was never nervous.  Everyone who was involved with the surgery met with me and made me feel calm.

After surgery, everyone was great and showed that they cared.  Dr. Bashioum even telephoned me personally that night!  I am so incredibly happy.  I look and feel great. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Bashioum and his staff.
I will recommend him to  everyone.



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