Choosing Dr. Bashioum: Patient Comments

Jinae writes:

First, I want to extend a big thank you to the entire staff at the Bashioum Plastic Surgery Center.   I am one to do a lot of research before making a big decision.   I must admit that prior to being referred from a friend to Dr. Bashioum, I did consult several plastic surgeon offices in the metro area.   But after meeting the entire team at Dr. Bashioum’s office, I knew my searching was over.

The experience I had from the start to finish was wonderful.  It started with Becky, who always greeted me so pleasantly and professionally, then nurse Jennifer who was so wonderful answering all my questions so honestly.   Sandy did my final consultation and was so excited for me, and of course Dr. Bashioum who is a top- notch surgeon.

This was a very big and personal decision for me.    I wanted to choose the best!    I was concerned with having plastic surgery, because I do work full-time and have two small children.    Knowing that I had strong support at home and help from my husband was important for my successful recovery.      My breast augmentation procedure was actually completed three weeks ago and I could not be more pleased with the results.    The recovery was much easier then I mentally prepared myself for and I am now back to my normal routine with no restrictions.

Every time I went to the office, there was no wait time and everyone treated me with the utmost respect.    Based on my own experience and research within the industry, I would highly recommend Dr. Bashioum to anyone interested in plastic surgery.    I know I made the right decision.    Thank you again to everyone at the Bashioum Plastic Surgery Center.

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  1. Tammy Says:

    I also had a breast enlargement done. My surgery was done last summer and I am extremely happy! Things are now like I always wanted with myself (my one note is to try and be patient, because the final result doesn’t happen overnight). In the months to come, it was really amazing how things came together! The staff was super and Dr. Bashioum did a superb job! I was very nervous, but he is wonderful at what he does. It took me a bit to write because I wanted to wait until towards the end of my recovery to let each person who reads this know that I have no regrets. My pain might have been a little to get used to, maybe more than others the first few weeks.

    To anyone considering this surgery and is reading this, I recommend to start out with a consultation. It will help you decide if it is even the right thing for you. I believe that this surgery is a choice if it is something you seriously have always wanted! I would do it all over again. My outcome is everything I wanted, so I wish a huge thank-you to Dr. Bashioum and his staff 🙂



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