Patient Comment: Tummy Nipntuck

Teri writes:

I am now 6 months from my abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery last March.  After  losing 112 pounds,  I had quite a bit of extra skin.  Dr. Bashioum and his staff took care of this for me.  He tightened up the ‘lazy’ muscles and tightened up the skin.  It looks great!

I would recommend Dr. Bashioum to everyone.  He and all of the staff did a great job!

Dr. Bashioum replies:

Thank you for your kind comments, Teri.  Over 150,000 women chose tummy nipntucks in the US each year.  Many patients opt for this surgery as part of the mommy make-over , while others have lost a significant amount of weight like Teri has done before considering surgery.  I find that patient satisfaction is extremely high following this kind of surgery.



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