European Med Spas: a Series #6

Cosmetic Surgery Loyalty Clubs

Organizations have been developed worldwide to encompass all aspects of anti-aging medicine and aesthetic techniques.   While exploring a diverse selection of medical spas and treatment centers, we found some differences in the European approach. The World Society Interdisciplinary of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM) is one of many organizations dedicated to anti-aging medicine.

WOSIAM, a non-profit,  includes members from international physicians groups and scientific societies.  It was created and currently located in Paris.  The main goal is to promote anti-aging medicine through research and educational events for physicians and the general public.   Most of the medical affiliations in the US have similar goals, but exclude public participation except for minor educational presentations or physician referral resources.

Another approach that is apparently catching on in Switzerland is the customer loyalty reward club.   Members are offered a selection of exclusive promotions, similar to American grocery store chains offering discounts for their frequent customers.  Forever Laser Institut,  in Geneva, operates one of the popular loyalty concept clubs.  One of the directors is Dermatologist, Dr. Luigi Polla.   He is the founder and past president of the Swiss Society for Aesthetic Medicine.  The main focus at the clinic is non-invasive or “lifestyle services” like laser treatments and fillers.

Photo: I’m striking a pose, hiking high in the beautiful Alps.



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