Peggy’s Blog: Wanting a Facelift

Hi, my name is Peggy.   Why did I choose cosmetic surgery?   I have been contemplating having a facelift for the past 3 years.   I was a sun worshipper since I was 16, had my own personnel tanning bed in my home for 15 years, I was a heavy smoker and    a yo-yo dieter. All of which contributed to me developing severe skin damage.  I reached a point where I didn’t even want anyone to take my picture, unless it was with my camera where I could Photoshop it or a professional photo where they could edit the picture.  I quit smoking in 2001, sold my tanning bed in 2003 and joined weight watchers in 2006.   I have lost 43 pounds and have kept it off.   I learned that keeping your weight off is basically living a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise, no dieting is really required.  So now, at 65 years old and a healthy weight of 115 pounds, I am ready to consider a facelift and look in the mirror with confidence.

Share this journey with me and check back to read about my experience.



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