Peggy’s Blog: Scalpel Please!

These are my “Before” photos. On the day of my surgery, I was excited and ready to have my facelift.  I wasn’t nervous or scared.  I felt confidence in Dr. Bashioum and my decision to go forward.  I really don’t remember a lot about the day of surgery, but my granddaughter told me  that after the surgery, I marched into  her house like nothing had ever happened.  Dr. Bashioum requires someone to be with facelift patients during the night following their surgery.   I didn’t have much pain, which was a surprise.   The discomfort from the surgery was more like a muscle pain and after the first day, I only took a few Tylenol.  I followed the doctor’s orders and referred back to my post-operative instructions to make sure I was doing exactly as I was told.  My husband saw to it that I was the perfect patient, as far as getting a lot of rest and eating healthy.  It was also a comfort to know that I could call the doctors office 24/7 whenever I felt the need to be reassured about the progress I was making.

Share more of this journey with me and check back to read about my recovery experience.



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