Leah’s Blog: 1st Day of Recovery

I have great news!  I woke up feeling really good this morning.   I was able to walk smoothly and a little more upright than yesterday.   My husband got the kids off to school, so that was very helpful.   I don’t want to overdue it, but I also want to stay active and work through the pain.   The only pain so far is from the stomach muscles and I know this is normal, so I have no worries.   I had a little mild bleeding from the incision.   I am going to shower today and get the incision gently cleaned up, as directed.

This is my personal recovery plan.  I will enjoy the peace and quiet, which rarely happens in this house!   I will allow others to do things for me for the next couple of days and then work into doing more for myself.   The after-care instructions are very clear and I want to follow them completely, helping to assure a safe recovery so I don’t have any complications!

I took a quick look at my stomach last night and I am already loving my new cute belly button!   I could immediately see a difference in my appearance.   LOVE IT!   I sure hope I continue to feel so good and that I don’t overdue anything.   I am so pleased with this experience!   Thank you to Dr. Bashioum and his team, I am so happy.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me!



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