“Boytox” = Men having Botox

According to a recent report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) their survey found men’s relatively infrequent injections of Botox rose to 330,000 in 2009, an increase of 10%.   This is compared to the numbers of women having reached a plateau at 2.8 million procedures last year.

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, reveals the non-surgical cosmetic surgery market has seen continued growth in 2009, with dermal fillers and chemical peels driving the increase by 26% and a whopping 306% respectively.  In perhaps an emerging new trend, 2009 also saw a continued rise in the number of male patients (up 10%).  Men now account for 18% of all patients seen in the UK.  The numbers are slightly lower in the US.

This growing market has coined two new terms,  â€˜Boytox’ (male Botox) and ‘Sweatox’ (anti-sweat Botox).



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