Vegas Jill: “I’m Stacked!”

My name is Jill.   Dr. Bashioum and I go way back.   I first met Dr. Bashioum in 1991, as a college student looking to improve my body.   I had done my research and he was my first choice for the job.   I liked his augmentation results because they were the most natural looking.   I was what you call “barely a B.”   I went in for my complementary consult to ask questions, talk about size and get a price quote.   I was so excited!     I asked a ton of questions and the staff addressed every last one of them.   I scheduled my surgery and the countdown began.     The big day had come, was this really going to happen?   I was so nervous.   I needed to talk to Dr. B one more time.   He assured me that they were all well rested and I was in good hands.   Off to sleep I went…when I woke I was crying, but not in pain; I guess that is how I react to the anesthetic.   The nurse was right there by my side and she said,   “Are you ok?”   They have wonderful bedside manner.   Wow, I was thrilled!   I went with the 325cc implant and was now a full “C” cup.   That night Dr. Bashioum called me at home to see how I was feeling, I just love that about him.   I had instant confidence, my bikini too, … and I loved it.

Skip ahead 14 years and two children later.   I was in need of a little upgrade.   The implants were still in good shape, but my skin was stretched out.   I went back to Dr. Bashioum for another consult chat.   He was the same, a great pleasant Doc.   His thought was that I was borderline in needing a lift procedure; my thought was to only fill them back up.   I had a big decision to make.   We went with the refill option.   The big day came and I was a nervous once again.   Dr. B and his staff were awesome.   They assured me again that they were well rested and they would see me when I woke up.   Off to sleep I went, the refill augmentation was a 575cc implant which puts me at “DD” status (“DDD” on a chubby day!).   Again he called that night at home to make sure I was comfortable.   Well the rest is history and I am stacked!

Dr. Bashioum and his staff are all so wonderful.   I have sent numerous friends and colleges to the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center to get their plastic surgery work done.   Thank you again for the fantastic work you have done on me.

Vegas, here I come!



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