Dr. Bashioum’s Thank You, Melissa

I cannot thank Melissa enough for sharing in her journey into cosmetic surgery with her breast enlargement experience.   By in large, most Americans keep cosmetic surgery to themselves.   Melissa’s frequent postings allows readers to share her personal insights and thoughts regarding augmentation mammaplasty.  This personal and candid account is hard to find.   Melissa, thank you for sharing your story.

Melissa’s comment about her husband being a “Peeping Tom” is much more complex than  the simple physical change which Melissa chose.   The real change that spouses or significant others appreciate, is the renewed confidence which women express after breast enlargement surgery.   Women feel better both in and out of their wardrobe.   This often manifests as better posture, more smiles and greater self-awareness.   These are the real changes which seem to be very attractive to spouses or boyfriends.

Other people in Melissa’s social and family circles may not notice that anything has been done, as she herself suggested.  I believe that the perfect result after cosmetic surgery is one which others do not notice as such.   Friends and family may ask if Melissa has been working out, has lost weight, or changed clothing styles.   Regardless of the chosen size, it is my goal to achieve a natural looking result, to achieve proportion.  That is truly the best satisfaction for me as a plastic surgeon.



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