Mikaela’s Blog: My Surgery Memories

I don’t even remember falling asleep; all I remember was waking up in recovery and driving home about 10 minutes later.   It wasn’t really only 10 minutes later!   There was almost no pain at first.   Then that afternoon as I started to wake up, there was a lot of tightness and pressure on my chest, but very little pain.   That feeling lasted throughout the day and into the next.   The second day hurt a little more, just because the swelling was peaking, but it was still very manageable.   I was taking my pain medication on a regular schedule, which helped a lot.   It also felt good to get up and walk around, as Dr. Bashioum recommends to all his patients.   It seemed like it hurt less then.   The hardest part about the first few days was being stuck upright in a chair, not being able to change position, and keeping two big bags of ice on me.     I was bored!!  Otherwise, the first few days after were not bad at all and soon I would be able to move around more.

Check back to see how my recovery progresses during my first week.



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