Mikaela’s Blog: Mother’s Reflections

Take it Easy.  Now it is fun to talk with Mikaela about how she is feeling and about how she looks, which is amazing with respect to both issues.   She has been trying on outfits to see how different she looks.   I am so happy for her and she thinks that the size she chose is perfect, she is smiling.

Our lives are pretty much back to normal.   Mikaela is back to running every day, although she is wearing two sports bras and not pushing too hard.   I MUST OFTEN REMIND HER TO TAKE IT EASY!   I encourage her to listen to her body.

Mikaela has always had a quiet, understated confidence.   Now she seems to be displaying that confidence more openly.   The best thing about this entire experience is how cool it has been to share it with my daughter and write about it in the blog.   She is a beautiful young lady, inside and out, I am thankful!



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