Mikaela’s Blog: Am I old enough?

I went to see Dr. Bashioum at his office to have my initial consultation with him.   I also had an opportunity to “try-on” different implant sizes.   Since my mom is a nurse at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery, she helped me with my physical exam and sizing.   I tried on a white sports-bra type thing.   There were all different sizes of implants that I could slip into the bra, to see what they looked like.   It was a decent change and my first choice implant was between a 300cc and 325 cc.   They seemed big to me, but they are, in fact a very moderate size.   I told Dr. Bashioum I was struggling between these two sizes and he suggested the 325cc implants to balance my size frame.   Our meeting was pleasant and brief, he took one quick look at my chest and then we just talked about any questions I had.   I was completely comfortable.   I was really expecting Dr. Bashioum to say things like “implants will looks beautiful on you” or “they will turn out very nice” (like you see on plastic surgery TV shows) but he didn’t try to sell it.   He was very easy to talk to, and very nice, but he didn’t sugar coat the situation by telling me how nice it would turn out.   After some questions and some information exchange, our consultation was over and I wanted to schedule my surgery.   I had also discussed everything with my mom before we had the appointment, so I was prepared to go ahead if Dr. Bashioum agreed that I was mature enough to decide on having the surgery.

I do have a few concerns, so please check back to follow my story.



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