Melonie’s Blog: The Consultation

When I arrived for my consultation, I felt a bit nervous but was immediately put at ease by Becky at the front desk.  She collected my information and it was just a few minutes before I met the nurse and other staff.  They were all very friendly, upbeat and informative.  When it was time for me to meet Dr. Bashioum, I actually felt relaxed, having already met his staff first.     As part of my research, I had read his patient blogs and I could see now that they were accurate about the staff.  So I thought, this is going to go just like the other patients had described.  My time with him was professional and comfortable.  He asked a few questions, gave me a lot of information and took a very quick look at my breasts.  Nothing at all uncomfortable or embarrassing.  I was most impressed with his utmost concern being for my health, peace of mind and well-being.   That is when I really decided he was the right doctor for me.

After we were finished the consultation, I was instructed to try on different size implants with the help of the nurse, to determine my new size.  She did not offer any opinion and I felt comfortable choosing the size I thought looked best for me.  She told me I could come back and re-size anytime I wanted before surgery, if I chose to do so.  That day I chose the 475 cc, but felt I may want to go a little larger.  I came back a week later with my boyfriend to re-size.   I then chose the 500 cc and asked my boyfriend if he thought it looked right on me.  He felt it looked good but said that it was most important that I was comfortable.  I felt that I would most likely need time to adjust to whatever size I chose, but I liked the look of the 500 cc.  So as of now, this is where I am at.   My surgery is scheduled in 2 ½ weeks and I am feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement.

The surgery will be filmed for the blog, so check back to see how I’m feeling the morning of my surgery and hear what final decision I make regarding implant size.



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