Gina’s Final Blog: Good News

Good news!!   I had my final check-up and I was NOT put on an extended time-out! You might recall reading that I didn’t exactly follow my after-instructions perfectly.  I must admit that I was half expecting to be put on that longer recovery period after my antics with the dog and the zipline at the playground.  But Dr. Bashioum said that I was healing nicely, in spite of my minor transgressions!

I’m around the 3-month mark now during my post-surgery recovery and I am so pleased with the results of the single-sided breast reduction.   My breasts are now about as symmetrical as they can be (nothing on the body can ever be perfectly symmetrical) and I no longer have any pain when working out.   Running is much more enjoyable and I don’t have to wear two sports bras to minimize the movement of the left breast anymore.   I tried doing Jiu Jitsu, but the intense pressure is still too much for the breast that had surgery at this point.   Dr. Bashioum has mentioned that I am clear for any activity that does not cause pain, so I’ll have to wait awhile longer to resume my martial arts training.

Before the surgery, I would loathe seeing my left breast.   I felt that the asymmetry detracted from all of my hard work training and attempts to achieve the body I was happy with.   I definitely feel more confident about my body now.   I am wearing shirts and tank tops without baggy sweatshirts over them, which is what I used to do to hide the asymmetry of my breasts.   I also enjoy looking at myself in the morning when I am getting dressed for the day.    What a nice feeling.

I have been playfully teased by my friends and family with comments like, “What a huge difference the surgery made.” or “All these years I didn’t have the heart to tell you that your boobs didn’t match!” and so on.   Most people denied that they noticed the size discrepancy until I pointed it out, but they are surprised to see what a real difference the reduction has made.   However the cosmetic surgery has not only corrected the asymmetry of my breasts, but it has also changed the way I feel about myself now; how differently I carry myself and how I actually enjoy the way I look both in and out of my clothes.   I have to say that I wasn’t quite expecting this remarkable self-esteem bonus.

This process has been an interesting experience.   Thank you for following my story.   Readers might be surprised that I have only one regret… that I didn’t have the surgery sooner!



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