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Leah Blog: Introduction

December 8th, 2009

Hi, I’m Leah and I have always been in good shape.   I like to walk and eat healthy (most of the time), so I have always had a body that I felt comfortable in.   That was until I had my first child.   I gained 60 pounds during the pregnancy and only lost 40 of those pounds during the first year.   It was such a struggle for me because I knew that I wanted four children, but I didn’t want to gain any more weight.   So I worked very hard to keep my weight down were I liked it.   After my fourth child, I vowed to take all my extra weight off.   After a year, I had lost any pregnancy weight, plus an extra 10 pounds!!   I was so excited to have the weight gone, but I was upset when I saw what my stomach looked like.   I had extra skin that looked liked an extra “butt”.   My pants fit, but the skin hug over the pants.   UGLY.  I had worked out, gained muscle, but I couldn’t really do anything to loose the extra skin.

My husband has always been supportive of me.   He knows that when I look good, I feel good.   He also knows how hard I have worked to get this body back into shape!   We talked about the fact that I need to focus on myself every once and a while, not only our four children but, I love those kids SO MUCH and I don’t want to take time out to worry about myself.   I don’t want to take any time away from them, but then when do I have time to think about myself?????   We decided to get a consultation and see what a tummy tuck entails.   If it is too much to deal with, if it is too much money, I can forget about it.   BUT, if it is something manageable and something I can handle…

OK, I am going for it.   I am at my skinniest and I want to reward myself for all this hard work.   I decided to get a cosmetic surgery consultation.

Please check back to read about my consultation for a abdominoplasty or more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck.

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