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“Rocket Sled” Facelift

March 29th, 2010

ABC’s The View did an amusing segment Friday morning about obvious plastic surgery.   They poked fun at actors whose faces look tight and drawn as if they are on the acceleration phase of a rocket sled or Top Gear’s  Jeremy Clarkson in the Areil Atom. The ladies also parodied actors with obvious breast surgery.   It made me laugh.

None of this is really necessary.   A face lift should refresh your physical appearance not change it.   If you look “done,” I would suspect the skin has been pulled back, more than up.   You can do this in a mirror by pulling your facial skin in front of your ears.   If you pull straight up toward the top of your head, there will be a reduction of jowls and the neck skin will be tightened.   This represents a natural result since you will still look like yourself.   However, pull back toward your ears or the back of your head and immediately your facial appearance becomes distorted as the corners of your mouth are pulled and the outer corners of your eyes are lengthened.  A distorted appearance is not the aesthetic I think is appealing, but Hollywood seems to embrace this extreme look.

The obvious breast surgery look is another aberration.   Sadly, pop culture has helped change what is considered normal.  Just like face lift surgery, a natural result does not look manufactured following surgery.

Next time, more on the causes of extreme results of facelift surgery.

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