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Diary of Breast Reduction: Recovery

March 13th, 2014

Michelle’s Patient Blog #6: My Recovery

Michelle writes: I stayed home from work on the 1st day following my surgery and I feel more awake today.  Lots of ice with water and just sitting around taking it easy as instructed. Again, not in pain.  The swelling stays at bay with the ice, and moving the ice is still is the most painful part. Since you have to stay in one position, and have the ice push on your breasts, for 20 minutes, and then move the ice bag and yourself….just that initial movement is painful.  But its nothing intolerable.

Day #2- I woke up feeling great.  The swelling seems  to be down a lot.  I am at home again. I “feel” like I can take on the world, but remember that Sandy told me not to overdo it, even though I think I can.  I am an A-type personality, so this is tough. But, I want my results to be good in the long run, so I want to follow my instructions.  I am on the couch, and ice for me. Again, no pain.  All in all, I would say this surgery and recovery thus far, is EXACTLY what everyone at Dr. Bashioum’s office said it would be. No surprises. Which actually surprises me!

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Diary of Breast Reduction: The Day Before Surgery

March 3rd, 2014

Michelle’s Blog Continues: Part 4.  It’s the day before my surgery.  I only get nervous when I really think about the surgery itself, otherwise, the anticipation and excitement prevails.  I have everything done in the house, and have started on drinking my 1 GALLON of water!  How I am going to accomplish that in one day is kind of taxing.  I don’t think I have ever had that much to drink in one day. Start early, that’s my plan.   7am: glass number 1.

I have thought about telling family and friends.  Not many people know.  I think it is much more of a personal decision, and to those who have known me my whole life, like my mom for example, they understand.  Those who haven’t, I fear will think it is all out of vanity that I undergo an elective procedure.  So, to avoid any toxicity in my life (which is my new years resolution too) I have told only those closest to me what is happening.  And of course, they are all very supportive.

I guess I am expecting a huge change right out of the gate.  I am getting a reduction and a lift.  So small things, like not feeling my breasts laying on my ribcage, will be great!  Once healed, I expect that I can work out, or run, with one sports bra.  I am hoping that my shoulders don’t hurt and that bra straps don’t leave cuts in my skin after a workday.  I guess I don’t care or haven’t really thought about how others will see me or notice?  That really hasn’t come into play at all in my decision or thoughts about this surgery.  This is all about me.

1 GALLON of water down, check! Now if I could just fall asleep…

Next time: My Surgery Day, read here.

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