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Facelift Surgery After-Surgery Instructions

July 18th, 2023

Cartoon Facelift mummy

Facelift Surgery After-Surgery Instructions

Everyone at the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center in Wayzata, is proud of the postoperative care of our patients and we strive for the very best surgical result possible. If patients have any questions of any kind at any time, they are instructed to please call us. It is our pleasure to help patients through their convalescence and understand that they are an important part of our team. It is also patient responsibility to follow the detailed instructions that are provided. Our post-surgical protocol has been developed to reduce your risk of complications and will help with the postoperative healing. As a cosmetic surgeon, I firmly believe that answering patient questions in a timely fashion helps to alleviate uncertainty about the healing process. Patients describe feeling confident knowing they may reach me 24/7 with any questions and that their follow-up care is supported and recognized as an important priority of our entire staff.

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Lip Plumping: Naturally Refreshed or Dramatic Pouty

March 24th, 2023

Lip Plumping: Natural Refresh of Dramatic Pout

I find that a significant part of doing cosmetic plastic surgery is sculpture. Whether I am removing (liposuction), adding (breast enlargement) or rearranging (facelift), the quality of the result and achieving a natural appearance is the direct result of aesthetic sculpture. Lip enlargement or lip plumping using injectable material is no different. Let’s first start out with a mental image of what normal lips look like. Lips have a subtle curve, and this complex curve is created by the mirror image of the upper lip meeting the lower lip. It’s classically known as the Cupid’s Bow, where the shape is most apparent along the upper lip where the red lip meets the flesh-colored skin, known as the vermillion border. Over-inflation may disrupt this subtle curve when the exaggerated result is sometimes called the Trout Pout.

I have noticed that the desired look today has 2 distinct versions of lip plumping. There is a natural and a more dramatic look. The procedure is similar, by injecting and sculpting lips to achieve a natural look to restore aged lip wrinkles and fullness creating a more youthful appearance, or to create a more dramatic look for ultra-full and pouty stylized lips. We have patients considering both options and I recommend that looking at before and after photos is often very useful to help communicate your desired result.

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