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Dr. Bashioum’s Garden Homemade Pickles

September 26th, 2014

Dr. Bashioum, Wayzata homeamade pickles

As the gardening season comes to a close in Wayzata, I’m experimenting with pickles again this year. This jar marks the first successful recipe that I’ve tried which proved to be edible and have also remained crunchy. I’ve learned that adding a small piece of horseradish leaf in the brine helps to keep that crunch. The cucumbers I grew this year are a yellow variety that have tender skin, making them especially great for salads, too without having to peel them. While it’s always disappointing to have an early frost, the bonus of having a few warm days ahead in the forecast make the task of winding up my gardening chores a more pleasant task.

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Happy Labor Day from my Garden

September 1st, 2014

Bashioum garden in Wayzata, MN.

Nothing says the summer is winding down and Happy Labor Day like gift baskets brimming with produce from my garden! Last month I experimented with pickles again and this time they were edible. Lindsay and I filled baskets this weekend, including the jars of pickles and had lots of fun sharing them with friends after a “sunshine/rain again/off again” boat ride on the lovely Lake Minnetonka. The crazy weather made for a leisurely and only slightly damp ride without the usual crush of Holiday boaters. Thank you Brad and Cheryl Jones.

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