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Fat Grafting: Waste Not

October 19th, 2016

Tom Barnard Facelift Dr. Bashioum pre-surg marking

Fat Grafting has been called a dream come true. Who hasn’t heard someone say they wish that they could suck fat from one area and reposition it someplace else? Many elective cosmetic surgeries routinely include liposuction of excess fat. A new technique allows plastic surgeons to gently remove this fat and prepare it to be injected into other areas. As we talked about Tom Barnard’s facelift live on the air for the KQRS Morning Show, Lipo Fat Grafting is an effective technique used to improve natural facial rejuvenation (more here). It replaces the use of artificial dermal fillers in hollow areas around the eyes needing to be to plumped or used to smooth out lip wrinkles. Common areas for carefully harvesting excess fat during liposuction or liposculpture are the thighs, flanks/hips and neck. In Tom’s case, we used the excess fat under his neck to fill in the hollow areas under his eyes. Patients that have lost a considerable amount of weight complain of unwanted facial changes in their appearance. Laxity or drooping in facial skin is common after significant weight loss and facelift surgery is an ideal procedure to reposition the skin in a more youthful manner. Patients report looking more rested and refreshed following their recovery. As Tom patiently awaits his completed recovery, I want to extend my sincere thanks to him for sharing this very personal story with his KQ listeners.

Photo: Dr. Bashioum marking the surgery plan before Tom’s facelift.

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KQ Morning Show Tom’s Surgery

October 3rd, 2016

KQRS broadcasts Tom Barnard's Facelift

Last week the KQRS Morning Show with host Tom Barnard, did a live broadcast with Dave Mordal calling Tom’s nipntuck surgery play by play. Dr. Bashioum stands by to chat with listeners before prepping Tom for his surgery.

In case you missed tuning in for the KQRS Thursday Morning Show. You can see video clips and other photos on our Nip N Tuck Facebook Page here.

Everyone at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery joins The Morning Show listeners to wish Tom a speedy recovery. Keep in mind that facelift surgery may take 6 weeks to 6 months for a complete full recovery and many of our patients find that the most difficult part of having surgery is being patient during this healing process. You can see more info on Facelift Rejuvenation here.



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