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Patient Comments: Breast Size

October 24th, 2012

Lorray writes:

I am officially 6 months post op from my implant surgery with Dr Bashioum. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I went ahead with the surgery and my choice of Dr Bashioum.   I had wanted to do breast enlargement for years and years.   FINALLY… I mustered up the courage for the consultation and once I did, it was a slam-dunk to move forward.   My biggest fear was how to face my (conservative) family and circle of friends and whether they were going to accept the decision I had made to “complete” myself.   I say it like that because I didn’t always feel very feminine and really struggled with how imbalanced my figure was.   It seemed like everything about me was “big” except my breasts – clothes didn’t fit and I felt almost deformed with that missing link to my figure.   Now, I’m a size 10/12 EVERYWHERE and I love it.  

Shopping still isn’t a favorite activity of mine, but it is a lot more exciting when you try on a dress and you actually fill it out and it looks fabulous!!  More people tell me how great I look.   Everyone has supported my decision. My friends ask me for Dr Bashioum’s card when they find out and they want to know all about the whole experience.

Dr Bashioum and the entire staff at the office are some of the nicest, most professional and caring people I have ever met.   They treated me with respect, kindness and concern for my health and my choices.   My intent was to “research” a few surgeons before moving forward, but I stopped at one – I knew from the start they’d take great care of me. Dr Bashioum’s talents being a gifted surgeon where what I wanted.   I highly recommend him.

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Patient Comment: Pleased with Dr. Bashioum

February 17th, 2012

Amy writes:
I just left my 6 week follow up appointment with Dr Bashioum, after having saline implants inserted.  Like many women, I have wanted to have this surgery for years. After recently getting my body back in order after children, I decided to go ahead.  I did a lot of my initial research online and spoke to a few women who had already undergone the procedure.  I then started consultations.  I went to a few different practices in the metro, but after my consultation in the Bashioum Center, I cancelled my other appointments.
The staff was welcoming and helpful throughout the process.  Being in the medical field myself, I am more observant (and critical) of the patient experience, and I could not have been more pleased with my experience.  The staff kept me well informed and made me feel comfortable to call with any questions or concerns.  I was assisted with sizing and encouraged to size again closer to the surgery day to ensure the selection was right.
The day of surgery was calm and well organized.  My Mother was with me, and although she does not thrive in a medical setting, she too was made to feel very comfortable.  The surgery and recover went well.  I was soon home and in less pain than I had anticipated.  The follow up phone calls on the first night and day after were much appreciated.
I had no trouble during my recovery.  I was nervous about the restrictions because I have two young children.  But the staff prepared me for what my limitation would be, and I was able to have help in place.  I am one of the lucky girls who seems to have picked the right size, because I was alarmed at the size when there was a lot of swelling.  Everything has calmed down nicely and I could not be happier.  I now feel like I have the thing that has been missing for so long – I am now the person I was meant to be.  I am glad that I selected Dr Bashioum and would recommened him to my family or friends.

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