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Patient Comment: Facial Rejuvenation

May 20th, 2013

Dr. Bashioum’s patient shares her experience with having an office consultation, her uncertainty about having surgery and  her ultimate decision to have facial rejuvenation surgery to fix her sagging chin. I want to thank Liz for sharing her story.

Liz writes:  I recently had liposuction facial rejuvenation done to my neck to reduce/lift the sagging below my chin.   While it is easy to write this comment, it took me an entire year before I was felt 100% comfortable with the decision to have surgery. My reservations were not about Dr. Bashioum’s ability to improve my neck or the surgery itself. I had done my research, met with Dr. Bashioum several times and felt informed. My reservations were all about me. I am 40 years old and I had a hard time with the idea of “cosmetic surgery”…aren’t I too young. I felt I may have been overly focused on my neck, meaning that it was more my mind than reality. I also wasn’t sure I deserved the cost of the surgery.  

I shared all these concerns with Dr. Bashioum. His advice was to wait and take time to decide if my neck really bothered me and then don’t worry about what others thought. So, after a year of hiding my neck, ducking my chin under high-collared fleeces, and frowning into the mirror, I realized 3 things. First, I wasn’t too young, secondly, my neck really, really bothered me and lastly, I was worth it. I am so glad I took the time to really reflect on having surgery and thankful that Dr. Bashioum encouraged me to take it instead of pushing me to make a decision I wasn’t ready for. I am very happy with the results and rarely find myself thinking about my neck anymore.

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Turkey Waddle or Saggy Neck?

November 22nd, 2012

Photo: Courtesy of North Carolina State University, Cooperative Ext.

Neck aging usually occurs right along with other changes to the face.   As the laugh lines get longer and the jowls begin to hang, the laxity of aging neck skin causes it to begin to sag. This laxity is commonly referred to as turkey neck or turkey waddle. It requires a type of skin tightening procedure to get rid of the extra sagging skin.

Simple liposuction is not enough when significant loose skin is apparent. I generally recommend a facelift to correct the neck for two reasons. The primary indicators of aging are reflected in jowls and prominent laugh lines. They most often appear as part of a less youthful facial appearance and are easily corrected with a facelift.   Secondly, the most effective skin tightening is best accomplished by rotating the skin up toward the ears, in combination with facelift procedures to address jowls. There is no need to keep a turkey neck unless, of course, it is Thanksgiving!

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